The MileIQ team is always working on ways to make it easier to handle your mileage so you and your business can focus on more important tasks. That’s why we’re excited to announce the MileIQ admin center: an easy way to manage all your employees using MileIQ for corporate mileage reimbursement.

The MileIQ admin center lets you better operationalize your mileage reimbursement process. It’s a central portal you can use to quickly grant or remove employee access to MileIQ. You can do this individually or by uploading a spreadsheet MileIQ provides.

The MileIQ admin center also enables businesses to change their organizational reimbursement rates with a few clicks. This boosts efficiencies for mobile workers, administrators and payroll employers by streamlining an important aspect of the mileage reimbursement workflow.

Additionally, the MileIQ admin center was built with security in mind. Only a business’ Office 365 Global IT Admin will have default access. The Global IT Admin can then add and remove Business Admins to manage the MileIQ admin center.

Like MileIQ, the MileIQ admin center is included at no additional cost with your Office 365 Business Premium and higher subscriptions. Along with supporting Azure Active Directory, this is just the latest example of how organizations of all sizes can achieve more with MileIQ and their existing Microsoft subscription.

MileIQ is used by businesses of all sizes to save time, cut expenses and promote compliance. It provides a leading mileage-logging solution for corporate reimbursements. The easy-to-use app automatically tracks mileage in the background, provides verified mileage reports for expense reports, has a central portal for managing access and easily integrates with commonly-used expense reimbursement software.

Get started with the MileIQ admin center, available now for all qualified Office 365 subscriptions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to have an Office 365 subscription to access the MileIQ admin center?

The MileIQ admin center is included at no additional cost with your Office 365 Business Premium or higher subscription. If you’re not sure if your subscription qualifies, use this form to contact MileIQ.

How do I assign a user to the Business Administrator role?

Read about how to designate a Business Administrator in the Azure Active Directory. You can set up more than one Business Administrator.

My company already uses MileIQ for corporate mileage tracking, how can I get started with the MileIQ admin center?

Use this form to contact MileIQ and a representative will help you get started.

I’m not a Global IT Admin, how do I get started using MileIQ for corporate reimbursement?

Ask your Global IT Admin to read this article on how to get started with the MileIQ admin center. Once they’ve set up MileIQ for your organization, you can expect an email with onboarding instructions.


MileIQ makes mileage tracking hassle-free through automatic mileage logging, easy classifications and robust reports.