So many of you have written to us saying that you want the ability to personalize MileIQ with your car information, that we’ve created a great new feature – “Vehicles.” It’s a simple new feature with big time-saving benefits.

Get Vehicles Now

In order to take advantage of the new “Vehicles” feature, you’ll need the most current version of MileIQ from either iTunes or Google Play.

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Vehicle Profiles – Driving efficiency

profilesOur new “Vehicles” feature allows you to create a profile for all the cars you drive. You can add the make, model and year of each vehicle you drive for work to your MileIQ account. Now, you no longer have to manually enter vehicle details to each drive. You can create a vehicle profile once and use it in any of your drives.

To learn how to use our new “Vehicles” feature, check out our “How-to” article.

Primary Vehicle – Save time every time you classify

primaryIf you drive multiple vehicles you can now manage your entire fleet and set your primary vehicle as the default. Let’s say you drive both a 2005 Ford F150 and a 2013 VW Passat for work, but you drive the VW more often. You can add both of these vehicles to your MileIQ profile and label the VW as your “primary” vehicle. Every time you classify a drive card it will be automatically appended with the VW’s information. If you decide to drive the Ford one day, no problem – just click the bottom left of the drive card and change the vehicle on the easy-to-use drop down menu. The VW is still set as your primary, but that drive will be assigned to the Ford.

Odometer and Notes – Better record keeping & compliance

odometer Not only have we made it faster and easier to classify drives by adding primary vehicles, but we’ve also made it easier to keep track of important vehicle information as well. Under each vehicle profile, we’ve added a field  for you to include your odometer reading at the start of the year.

Also, each vehicle profile provides a place to take notes about that vehicle. It’s the perfect place to note when you’ve had your last oil change, where you’ve parked or even what types of wiper blades your car needs. Anything you might need to remember about that specific vehicle can be recorded in the notes field.

Vehicle Nicknames – Love Bug or Mystery Machine?

Sometimes, you might have two of the same types of car you drive for work – maybe you have two Ford F150’s? Or, maybe you’re just one of those people who names your cars? Either way, MileIQ has you covered.  Now you can give each of the cars you drive a nickname, so you can easily name your Fords “Red Ford,” “Blue Ford”or “Love Bug” and “Mystery Machine.”

Android – Work Hours, Named Locations & Dashboard

For all of our Android users, we’ve included some great new additions to the Android version of MileIQ that will make it even more useful to you.

Work Hours – Day shift or night shift?

Now, you can set your work hours in the MileIQ personalization settings, and all drives you take outside of those hours will be automatically classified as “personal.”

Named Locations – Name where you’ve been, See where you’re going.

With this feature, you can give each of the locations you drive to a custom name, and MileIQ will remember that name and assign it every time you drive to that location. MileIQ will also update any previous drives to that location with the custom name you’ve provided. This makes it easy to see where you’ve been and faster to classify drives.

To learn how to use our new “Vehicles” feature, check out our “How-to” article.

We’d love to know what you think about these new features. Let us know in the comments below.

Joshua Brost

Joshua Brost

Joshua Brost handles the content and communication at MileIQ. When he's not busy talking to reporters and bloggers, he can usually be found plotting how he's going to survive the zombie apocalypse, cooking something fancy or cursing at a new gadget that's not working the way he intended.
Joshua Brost