You may notice that things have changed a bit on and within the app. Don’t worry, you’re still getting the world’s best automatic mileage logging to help you get the largest deduction yet. Now, it’s just in a prettier package.

A New, Fresh Look

The new MileIQ website is more than just a fresh can of paint. The design team spent countless hours brainstorming, prototyping ideas and obsessing over every little detail. Through it all, they wanted to make sure the new look and feel delivered the same type of value people expect from MileIQ.

“The new look and feel strips away the clutter and lets you focus on what’s important,” said MileIQ Lead Designer Erynn Hesler. “It’s very much like how MileIQ takes away the hassles of mileage logging so you can concentrate on what you need to for your life or business.”

The lighter, more contemporary look makes using the website much easier. There’s a more cohesive, flowing quality to the new look and feel—this comes through if you’re visiting through a desktop, tablet or a phone.

There’s also something to be said of making a good first impression, too.

“The new website presents our best selves to everyone,” said Erynn.

The New MileIQ Logo

Sorry if this one causes any confusion but the MileIQ logo and app icon have changed. Just like your business, MileIQ has grown since we first started and the new logo reflects our evolution.

One of the goals with the new logo and app icon is to show the value that MileIQ delivers. MileIQ isn’t just a mileage logging app, it’s also an online dashboard and a trusted resource center for every self-directed worker. The new logo and app icon help reflect how MileIQ is an intelligent service that helps you get concrete value from your data.

“The MileIQ logo evolution continues to represent drives, while also suggesting the data intelligence that delivers tangible value to our users,” said Maurice Woods, the Senior Designer at MileIQ who led the new logo design.

The Road Ahead

The new website and app icons are just the beginning.

The team is working on a variety of new products to make your life easier and to boost your productivity by automating dreaded tasks. The visual language of the new website, logo and app icon will be a big part of that.

Through it all, you can expect everything that comes from MileIQ to be laser-focused on our mission of making dreaded tasks easier—even delightful—so you can save time, money and have peace of mind.

What do you think of the new website and logo? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below or through email.

Marin Perez

Marin Perez

Marin is part of the marketing team at MileIQ. He's excited to see how entrepreneurs are using tools like MileIQ and Spend to be more successful. When not working, he's thinking about his next trip.
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