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10 Must-Try Business Ideas for Young Entrepreneurs

Manasa Reddigari
young entrepreneurs working at a creative office|confident saleswomen standing outside foot truck parked on city street

Naysayers may baulk at the prospect of a pre-teen, teenager, or college-age entrepreneur starting a business. But if pursued, young entrepreneurs' ideas can sometimes turn into booming business ventures.

The best way to get started is to choose the business ideas that you can get off the ground with minimal money and resources. Keep reading to identify the best business ideas for young entrepreneurs.


Young gearheads can make a small fortune in the growing field of technology by repairing computers or offering computer hardware or software lessons. Those with coding chops can also develop websites, software or apps that could potentially be bought by hundreds or even thousands of users.

Visual Media

Shutterbugs can build up their portfolio and piggy bank taking snaps of people, animals or landscapes and selling the prints on the web as original or stock photographs. Those who prefer moving images to still photography can create and post videos to their own YouTube channel or start a video editing business.

Home Maintenance

Raking leaves, collecting firewood, ploughing snow and mowing lawns are all in-demand occupations for outdoorsy teenage business owners. Why not capitalise on these young entrepreneurs' ideas by charging for them? If you have no love for the lawn, focus your business on other exterior maintenance such as cleaning gutters, painting siding or cleaning swimming pools. Or, stay out of the heat or cold altogether by cleaning, organising or even designing home interiors.


Are you a mechanic-in-the-making? Start a business washing or detailing cars or performing must-do maintenance tasks such as topping up tire air or replacing air filters, engine oil and other essential fluids. Enlist help from your parents to take any necessary safety precautions when working with cars.

confident saleswomen standing outside foot truck parked on city street

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Teenage and college-age foodies can make money and flaunt their culinary skills by catering for special events, arranging and selling gourmet or cookie gift baskets or selling homemade jam or salsa. For the younger set, the age-old business idea of a lemonade stand is still fruitful to this day.

Arts and Crafts

Sales platforms such as Etsy that cater to artists have made young entrepreneurs’ ideas about making a living as an artist more feasible — especially if you’re tech-savvy. Picassos in progress can break onto the art scene selling homemade their creations on the web. Greeting cards, jewellery, knitwear, candles, paintings, sculptures, woodworks and other creations do favorably well.


Young musicians fond of rocking out in their bedrooms can make it to the big stage a number of ways. Disk-jockeying, playing an instrument or singing at private parties have launched many soon-to-be great entertainers. Those who prefer teaching music over creating it can offer others private music lessons charged by the hour or the session.


Born to be a teacher? Get your start in a classroom by offering preparatory test classes or tutoring others in your best subject. Math or a foreign language are popular subjects. What you teach doesn't necessarily have to be academic, either. Giving others pointers in chess, soccer or swimming can be equally lucrative.


Older teens and college-aged entrepreneurs can make a name for themselves by house-sitting, babysitting or transporting younger children around town. Make sure you comply with any state and local laws for child welfare that dictate how old a person must be to take care of another child without supervision. In some cases, a young teen may not be able to watch over other children unsupervised.

Animal Care

Dog devotees and feline fanatics alike can get their first bite of entrepreneurship starting a pet sitting or a dog-walking or obedience training gig. Or, you can enter the niche pet retail market by making and selling pet toys, treats or clothing.

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