From the founders

Our Story

We started MileIQ in 2012 with a simple goal—to take the hassle out of mileage tracking. We knew firsthand how painful it was to manage mileage the old-fashioned way, so we worked tirelessly to create an app that automated and simplified this otherwise painful chore.

From the start, customers have loved that MileIQ saves them time, makes them money, and gives them confidence in their mileage records.

In 2015 we joined forces with Microsoft to make MileIQ accessible to even more people, and together we continued to refine every detail of our customers' experience and add even more time-saving functionality. It was an amazing partnership, and MileIQ is a far better product for it.

Now, in 2021, we're returning to our roots as an independent company, and we're 100% focused on making mileage reporting easier than ever.

Over the last ten years, MileIQ has created a new product category that has helped users realize over $10B in mileage reimbursement and tax deductions. We couldn't be more proud, but we're not stopping yet—we have a lot of improvements in the works and can't wait to share them.

Please reach out at any time with questions, suggestions or feedback—we'd love to hear from you!