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Small Business Tips

12 Small Business Blogs for Every Business Owner

Justine Rabideau

With all the responsibilities that come with running a small business, reading blogs may not be high on your list of priorities. However, it should be. The best business blogs provide insights, advice, and knowledge for running a successful business that can't be found elsewhere.

Moreover, they provide motivation, as most of the authors are small business owners who have overcome challenges similar to ones you may be experiencing. That said, bearing your time limitations in mind, we've compiled this list of the 12 best business blogs to follow TODAY.



Whether you're in the content creation industry or just want to know what it takes to maintain a strong online presence, Copyblogger has the advice you need. Many of the authors are well-known names in the industry, which you may see featured on top news sites such as Forbes and Entrepreneur. The articles are fluff-free and written in an engaging yet informative manner.


Mashable is another small business blog that features engaging articles about otherwise dry subjects. Like Copyblogger, Mashable's content falls within the social media, content marketing, and tech categories. The site has firmly established itself as a go-to resource for the latest news, trends, and studies for businesses navigating new media.


Any smart digital marketer will tell you that the key to content marketing success is understanding and leveraging your analytics. Kissmetrics is an eCommerce-focused blog that covers many of the more challenging aspects of running an online store. The company has an extensive library of content covering marketing, site optimization, and data analysis.

Digital Marketer

Digital Marketer is an all-in-one resource for small business owners, entrepreneurs, and digital marketers alike. The blog features articles, podcasts and online courses geared toward helping new-age entrepreneurs sharpen their marketing savvy. The blog's end goal is to help business owners drive new website traffic and convert traffic into sales.



Taxes are an essential component of any business. TaxBuzz takes the bore out of a tedious topic and features advice-heavy articles written by CPAs and practicing accountants from across the nation. If taxes are your kryptonite, consider paying this blog a visit.

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TechCrunch's tone is somewhat reminiscent of the tone used by Copyblogger or Mashable. That said, just because its tone is friendly doesn't mean the content isn't hard-hitting. TechCrunch features updates on the latest and greatest in technology, as well as snapshots of up-and-coming tech companies. If you want to know what's going on in the wonderful world of tech, TC should be your go-to blog.

Small Business Administration

There are a lot of well-written blogs out there by entrepreneurs and veteran business owners that are worth looking into but don't short-change the SBA. The Small Business Administration may not be as sexy as TechCruch or Kissmetrics, but it does a great job of providing straightforward advice on matters relating to finance, funding, contracting, marketing and business development.


Data may be boring, but it's a necessary business development tool. Mattermark manages the amazing feat of presenting data in an engaging way ‚Äì without people losing their minds. In fact, it teaches business owners how they can manage and use their data to generate insights in real time.


OPEN Forum

If you're on LinkedIn, it's likely an invitation to join American Express's OPEN Forum dropped into your mailbox. Accept the invite and you won't be disappointed. This forum covers a wide variety of topics, including but not limited to management, marketing, technology, finances, industry trends and more. Business owners get requests to contribute and to provide their fresh perspectives on common issues.

Seth Godin's Blog

If you haven't read Seth Godin, you're missing out. He's engaging, witty, personable and, most important of all, helpful. Godin is a serial entrepreneur, author, and celebrity in the marketing world. Moreover, he's best known for his out-of-the-box approach to common challenges and personal anecdotes that detail how he overcame trials in his own career.


As its name suggests, Noobpreneur is startup blog that provides advice and guidance for other startups and entrepreneurial newbies. Despite being a startup,  information shared on this site is written with authority and often by authority figures. Thus, you can find tips regarding everything from marketing, investing and business management within the site's pages.


At risk of tooting our own horn, we recommend checking out our Small Business Tips blog. Whether you're interested in learning more about DIY accounting, want to clarify some major tax concerns, need help setting up a social media profile or anything in between, our blog has the advice you need to succeed. In addition to small business tips, we also have sections of our blog dedicated to tax tips, self-employed advice, and industry updates.

It pays to keep up with current trends

Set aside just a few minutes of your day to read an article or two from one of the top small business blogs. If you do, you may just unlock hidden potential and growth opportunities.

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