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7 pawsome business ideas for animal lovers

Manasa Reddigari

Are you an ardent admirer of canines, felines and every creature in between? Business ideas aplenty exist for entrepreneurs who would sooner tend to the four-legged than ring up two-legged customers.

Continue reading for our picks of the best business ideas for animal lovers.

Handmade Pet Goods

Some of the best business ideas for animal lovers stem from a product you already make at home for your pet. For example, you might bake feline-friendly treats or fresh bird food, sew pet collars or make homemade chew toys for your dog. Whatever it is, if you have the skill, the physical infrastructure and finances to scale the idea into a business, it may well be the beginning of a successful venture.

Pet Training

Want to be the next Cesar Millan? Self-made dog whisperers should consider opening a pet training business that offers obedience lessons at their home, a client's home or at a rented facility. You don't need a degree in animal psychology to master the art of teaching pets basic commands. But you'll need training experience, empathy and emotional intelligence to help pets change problematic behavioral patterns.


When clients have a work or personal obligation that prevents them from feeding Fido, they'll have you to rely on to care for their pets if you open a pet-sitting business. You can watch over pets at your home, or, if your client agrees, pet-sit at his or her home so as not to disrupt the pet's normal routine and environment.

Pet Boarding

Whereas pet-sitting services typical only offer short-term pet care, a pet boarding business can provide long-term care. For example, a client might need to board a pet when he goes on vacation or gets sick for an extended period.

You can determine how long you can care for, and what type of care‚ you are willing to provide pets. Depending on how many furry lodgers you accept, and the zoning laws in your area, you can either take on boarders at your home or a rental space.

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Dog Walking

Pet parents who don't have time to take their pooch to the park often outsource the task to professional dog walkers. This idea is one of the most affordable business ideas for animal lovers as you won't require rental space, only access to public sidewalks or trails.

If you choose to go this route, ensure that you set your hours and rates to account for the time it takes to complete a walk. Walk multiple dogs at a time to maximize your time and revenue.

Pet Photography

Do you have an eye for color and form, solid camera chops? Do you like traveling to various shooting locations to get the backdrops you need? You may have a lucrative career ahead of you as a pet photographer. It can take some wrangling to get your photography subjects to sit still long enough to snap a photo. But if you display patience, passion and professionalism, you'll have a queue of clients at your door who want a portrait of their pets snapped by you.

Pet Marketing

B2B business ideas for animal lovers are a great option for those who would prefer to work with businesses in the pet niche than directly with consumers. In a B2B model, your service fulfills the need of a third-party pet-oriented business to enable better customer service.

For example, many pet goods brands use pet marketing businesses to develop pet-related content and media for their websites. This, in turn, increases consumer engagement and brand awareness. If you establish yourself as an authority in your business niche, you may have the opportunity to work with established pet retail brands and avoid the stress of interfacing with consumers in a sales capacity.

Pet Videography

Vlogging a.k.a video blogging about pet-related subjects on the popular video sharing platform YouTube is much more than a hobby. If you vlog regularly enough, grow a large enough online following and monetize your business YouTube channel, producing pet video content can be a lucrative business unto itself.

The key is to provide high-quality, informative video content on subjects that other pet lovers care about. For example, you could provide training tips or conduct reviews of popular pet television products. You might even have the opportunity to leverage your online platform into paid partnerships with high-profile pet brands.

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