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7 Steps to Create the Ideal Workspace on a Small Budget

Happy businessman riding push scooter in the ideal workspace

While creating an ideal workspace sounds exciting, there are some basic rules one must follow. You cannot sketch the coolest design and only then realize your place misses elementary components. To build up an outstanding, favourite environment for your employees, you should check things twice before making a final decision.

But what if I can’t afford to invest too much?

Then you came to the right place. We’ve been in your position before and know exactly what steps one must follow to create the ideal workspace on a small budget. Take a look and don’t hesitate to leave us feedback!

Step #1: The workspace must fit your values

If your office space does not reflect your company’s values, nobody will enjoy working there. Here’s what you should do –

  • List your values and see where you stand – what message is your company trying to send? What are your fundamental principles? What can you/can’t you accept?
  • Envision the atmosphere you want to create. Some offices have bars, bowling alleys and video-game rooms to suggest a friendly, team environment.
  • Are colours a vital part of your office’s design? Do they go hand in hand with your values? Do you prefer a black and white theme, or something more playful and open?

Step #2: It must be well-located

Make sure you choose a well-situated place to open up your office. Next, think about your employees’ needs.

  • First, from an economic perspective – are there any transportation means available for people who prefer riding the bus to work?
  • Second, from a comfort perspective – are there any restaurants nearby where employees could have lunch? Is there a supermarket close by? How about cafes or bars to get drinks after work?

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Step #3: The work area must have natural light

Choose a rather brightly-illuminated place. Studies show that decreased sun exposure has been associated with a drop in serotonin levels. The effect can lead to major depression with a seasonal pattern. To avoid such discomfort, find a place that has good natural light and is big enough to fit multiple desks. Fresh air is another must-have component, so make sure your office is well-ventilated as well.

Step #4: It must be quiet

If employees are exposed to continuous noise, their productivity will drop. Make sure you find an office that is not only well-situated but also quiet enough to help workers focus on their tasks. Research also found that noisy offices can add to a worker's negative mood, reduce their ability to co-create and increase stress.

Step #5: The ideal workspace must follow ergonomic rules

To create the best space available for employees, boost their efficiency and increase your company’s profits, here are the basic ergonomic rules you should follow –

  • Buy comfortable chairs that support their spinal curves
  • Position telephones, stapler, and other crucial objects close to your employees’ desks
  • Make sure there is enough space to fit their thighs and feet under the desk; if the desk is too low, it’ll give them troubles
  • Place the monitor about an arm’s length away from their faces; the top of the screen should be a little bit below their eye level for maximum focus
  • If there is not enough natural light in the office, install a new window or sliding glass doors; you could also consider purchasing a tubular skylight

Step #6: It should be creative

Allow your employees to be creative – give them the chance to choose their favourite designs for their offices or desks. Let them personalize their personal space by adding various wallpapers, pictures, or maps on their walls. Don’t be too picky about it; you can always clean up after. Let them feel comfortable and familiar.Hide things you wouldn’t like to look at while working, such as bad-looking printers, power strips, or old scanners. Make the place look cosy and perfect for a beautiful day at work!

Step #7: The workspace should be divided

Divide your workspace in two – the work zone and the chill zone. In the work zone, hang different signs saying, “no talking,” and ask your employees to keep quiet in that area. Some people prefer maximizing efficiency by working hard and not socializing. Avoid disturbing these employees by creating the chill zone. In the chill zone, people can drink coffee or tea, cook, socialize, and exchange ideas and information. Hang some basic rules in this zone as well to keep everything in order, such as “employees must wash dishes and leave the kitchen clean after using it.”

Wrapping it up

To create the ideal workspace, make sure your office fits your company’s values, is well-situated, has enough natural light, is sound-proof, follows the basic ergonomic rules, allows employees to get creative, and is divided in two – the work and chill zones!Guest ContributorSamantha R. Gilbert is a journalist and professional writer at cheap essay writing. She loves dancing, travelling and taking photos, but the main hobby is writing about her experience and adventures. Meet her on Facebook and Google.

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