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8 Business Ideas for Introverts

Manasa Reddigari

You don't have to be outgoing to run a successful business. Need proof? Here are eight business ideas for introverts. Being shy doesn't mean you can't run your own successful business.

App Developer

Apps like "Flappy Bird" and didn't become household names in the app store overnight. It took a forward-thinking app developer to conceptualize and bring them to life. If you have design and/or coding chops, it won't matter that you're an introvert. You can also opt to team up with a designer or programmer if you have expertise in only one of the two areas.


Professional bloggers play an important role in the content marketing strategy of top businesses. If you have a way with words, and an ability to research information and hit deadlines, every business has a need for your skills. Even better for introverts is the fact that most freelance bloggers can work from the comfort of their home.


If your friends and family count on you for your financial know-how, why not put it to use and make some money as a professional bookkeeper? Bookkeepers help businesses and individuals keep records of financial transactions. The meticulous nature of the job makes it a top pick for math-savvy introverts who enjoy working in solitude.

Online Merchant

Business owners who run physical storefronts have frequent interactions with sometimes irate customers. Not so with owners of virtual storefronts. If you become a third-party seller on Amazon, Etsy, eBay, you can use built-in communication tools in the e-commerce platform to communicate with your customers virtually. This way, you can make a sizable profit from the comfort of your home. Plus, you can save on the high rent that comes with owning a physical storefront.

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Photographer or Videographer

Photographers and videographers capture everything from small family portraits to large-scale promotional videos for top businesses. The role, in essence, is to put your eye for the visual to use to document important moments for your clients. This means you get the benefit of engaging in meaningful interactions with others even while staying behind the camera.

SEO Consultant

Want to help top companies improving their visibility in search engines? Search engine optimization experts are highly sought after yet hard to find due to their niche expertise in analyzing trends and developing strategies to boost search engine rankings.  The sizable investment companies make toward search engine optimization can make it a lucrative field. At the same time, independent SEO consultants are reliant on their own well-honed skill sets to complete the job. This makes it an ideal job for introverts who enjoy working without solo without much external interference.

Social Media Consultant

At first glance, a job with the word "social" in the title may not sound like it would rank among the best business ideas for introverts. But the real purpose of social media consultants is to leverage the power of social media to advocate for and promote brands and businesses.  An important part of the job is to engage with consumers and industry influencers through digital platforms. This means you don't need to be a virtuoso oral speaker to excel in the field.

Web Designer or Developer

Part creativity and part technology know-how make for a stellar web designer. Web professionals do on occasion have to interact with clients. But the true work of designing and building websites happens in front of a computer. This means introverted designers and developers can still maintain a low profile and keep everyday distractions to a minimum.

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