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How to Appeal Tax Decision You Disagree With

Marin Perez
briefcase with HM Revenue and Customs taxes stamped on side|UK How to Appeal an HMRC Tax Decision

Sometimes, the HMRC makes a tax decision you disagree with. If you think something is wrong, you have the ability to make an appeal. Here’s how to appeal a tax decision disagrees with you.

What tax decisions can I appeal?

You can appeal some tax decisions regarding:

  • Your tax bill for Self-Assessment, Corporation Tax, etc.
  • A tax penalty
  • Your claim for tax relief
  • Other tax-related actions

What about indirect taxes like VAT?

For a so-called “indirect tax” like VAT, customs duty or excise tax, you can request a review by the HMRC. You can also appeal directly to the tax tribunal.

How do I know if I can appeal a tax decision?

The HMRC will send you a letter that says if you can appeal a tax decision. Typically, you’ll have 30 days to make your appeal, but there are some exceptions.

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Do I have to pay for a tax decision appeal?

You typically will have to pay the costs of a tax decision appeal. The HMRC does let you delay paying the penalty fees or any tax you owe until resolution of the appeal.

Why should I appeal a tax decision?

The HMRC can make mistakes, and you don’t have to suffer for it.

How to appeal a tax decision?

The HMRC will also send you an appeal form with the decision letter. You can fill this out and send it back to the HMRC. You can also write to the HMRC at the same address the notice came from with your intentions to appeal.If you write the HMRC to appeal your tax decision, include:

  • Your name or your business name
  • Your tax reference number
  • What you disagree with
  • Why you disagree with the tax decision
  • What you believe the proper tax figures are
  • How you calculated what you think is the correct tax figure
  • Your signature

You should also include any other information you think is relevant.

How long does it take to process an appeal of a tax decision?

An appeal typically takes 45 days, but it may take longer in some circumstances. The HMRC will notify you if it expects the appeal decision to last longer.

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