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The Best Real Estate Websites for Realtors

Justine Rabideau

In any business, it's essential to keep up with the current trends, and it's especially important in the real estate business. With the markets continually shifting and changing, today's sound real estate advice may be tomorrow's recipe for disaster. One easy, and sometimes fun, way to keep current on the markets, follow trends, and garner good advice is through real estate blogs. However, through the shifting sands of the Internet, it can sometimes be difficult to find real estate websites for agents because so many sites focus on homeowners or buyers. With a little research, however, you can discover the blogs out there that are geared to real estate agents and updated with the information you need.

What to look for in a good real estate blog

While the following list of blogs may be helpful in getting you off on the right foot, you may want to seek out real estate blogs on your own to find the ones more closely aligned with your particular needs and interests. If so, you should have an idea of what to look for in a blog and what makes a good one:  

  • Relevance. While a lot of blogs may give general, sometimes random information, the most useful blogs are focused on a particular topic and written with a specific audience in mind.
  • Current Content. A blog not updated on a regular basis is unlikely to have up-to-date information and unlikely to be useful to you.
  • Layout and Design. Even if a blog has quality content, it is not going to be helpful to you if it is not easy to read and navigate. The blog is being written for you, after all; if it's not user-friendly, then it's not worth wasting your time on.
  • Focus on the Reader. A good blog is mindful of the reader's needs and interests – not focused on trying to make money. A "salesy" blog with a lot of promotions and plugs may be off-putting. If you feel manipulated, then it's probably true.
  • Ease of Subscription: If you like what you see and want to keep following the blog, it's easiest to subscribe to the website. Most blogs should have a form available for you to enter your email address. This way, you can have their content come to you instead of having to look for it.

The best real estate websites for agents

What follows is a list of some of the best real estate blogs as chosen by real estate professionals. All have relevant information to guide you in one or more areas of the real estate business.  

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Real Estate Tomato

After reading all of these fabulous real estate blogs, it may inspire you to start your own. It may be somewhat meta to suggest a blog about blogs, but having a large online footprint can help to augment your business.    However, different blogs have diverse purposes and sizes. Having someone knowledgeable to lead you in the right direction is advantageous. In some cases, having a large library of valuable material makes up for the relative infrequency of updates.  


Redfin is a frequently updated blog written by real estate professionals. Essentially, it provides a wealth of valuable information in many different categories. Some categories are serious and technical, such as "Redfin Engineering" and "Real Estate News & Analysis," while others are more lighthearted and whimsical, such as "Local News" and "Fun & Fabulous." The website is easy to navigate, so whatever you're looking for, you're sure to be able to find it quickly.  

Zillow Porchlight

Zillow Porchlight is a daily blog that provides information from a first-person perspective about experiences navigating the real estate market. Though slightly more oriented toward homeowners and buyers than some other blogs, their knowledge on market trends is sure to be invaluable to real estate professionals as well.  


If you're looking to get into the investment side of real estate, or if you're an experienced investor looking for new strategies, this is the blog for you. REtipster is niche specific and offers practical advice based on real-world experience. Specifically, as it relates to the technological tools available to real estate professionals to help run their business more effectively.  


Inman is an award-winning news and information site specifically catering to the real estate industry. Real estate experts within all the different areas of the industry author the articles and post daily updates. Subscribe to this site, and you'll never fall behind on your real estate news.  


Whether you're a seasoned real estate professional or a relative newcomer, you can probably use some guidance on how to improve your marketing techniques. Particularly as it relates to digital marketing strategy. If so, Placester Real Estate Marketing Academy is the website that you need. In the dynamic field of real estate, it is crucial to keep your finger on the pulse of the industry. These websites offer diverse information to keep you up to date in the latest real estate trends.

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