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The best ways to boost business curb appeal

MileIQ Team
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It’s what’s on the inside of your business that counts in generating sales. But customers won’t deign to enter your store and sample what’s inside if the exterior isn’t up to par. What can you do to improve the appearance of your store?

Read on to learn how to boost business curb appeal.

What is business curb appeal?

It refers to the look of your storefront and its surroundings when viewed from the street. Surrounding features include landscaping and parking. Storefront features that contribute to curb appeal include signage and window displays.

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Why is business curb appeal crucial?

Improving business curb appeal can help your business in the following ways:

It helps bring in customers. A whopping 95 percent of customers in a survey said that a store’s exterior swayed their choice of where to shop. Two-thirds said they did not visit a store because of how it looked from the street. It can boost revenue. A North Carolina study found that 70 percent of first-time sales hinged on curb appeal. It cements a positive first impression. As the saying goes, first impressions are the most lasting. An attractive exterior presents an inviting image. A dingy and dated exterior can hurt the image of your business and deter customers.

What are the best ways to boost business curb appeal?

Below are some of the most impactful ways to improve business curb appeal.

  • Signage. The sign on your storefront is a fundamental aspect of business curb appeal. It has to be visible and identifiable even from a long distance. Is yours too small or illegible? Make it larger, more legible and more aligned in style with other marketing materials.
  • Storefront upkeep. Your storefront is an extension of your brand. So, be sure to clean windows, doors, and building siding. Do touch-ups of fading paint jobs while you’re at it.
  • Window displays. Eye-catching window displays aren’t only beneficial during the holidays. They can tempt passersby year-round and convert window shoppers into paid customers — stock yours with neatly arranged products. Or, coax customers to enter with sale signs. You could even include a colorful poster detailing a new contest.
  • Sidewalk displays. These displays allow passersby a chance to interact with or sample your products. For example, you could have a staff member stand outside and hand out samples. Or, if workable, you could set up a demonstration of a product.
  • Parking. Have a dedicated parking lot for your business? Repair damaged pavement. Also, ensure that parking lot striping is visible and clear. Will your customers be parking on the street? Include a sign outside the store about nearby parking options. The less effort it takes to enter your store, the better.
  • Landscape. If you have a visible lawn at the premises, keep it trim and tidy. Next, take care to patch or reseed any bare spots to ensure a green, vibrant look. Consider planting flowers for added color or trees for shade if you have the lawn space.
  • Walkways. Don’t forget about the walkway to the entrance. Fix the pavement, if cracked. Make sure that any steps at the front of the building are sturdy and safe for customers. And sweep the walkways of debris and trash. Place trash cans outside the building to prevent litter from ending up on your walkways.

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