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Mileage is our bread and butter, but it’s just one piece of the puzzle for drivers and admins — which is why our latest updates are all about efficiency. 

Here are some ways we improved our offerings so you can fly through your mileage tasks (and in some cases, be able to forget about them completely).

Improved drive detection accuracy

If you're going to call yourself a mileage-tracking app, you better track drives accurately. And we thought we could do better, so we created a fix that improved drive detection accuracy by up to 70%. No more worrying about untracked drives, and no missing miles.

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Playlist, uninterrupted

We updated our Bluetooth and CarPlay settings so MileIQ doesn't interrupt tunes and podcasts. Our drivers can now enjoy their playlists (and keep eyes on the road!) without unnecessary notifications.

A new tool to automatically deduct commutes

MileIQ for Teams Pro admins can now set a team-wide commute distance and we’ll automatically deduct it from any drives labeled as “Business + Commute.”

Counting commutes toward reimbursements can lead to compliance issues (the IRS considers commutes a personal expense) and incorrect tax returns for drivers. But deducting an employee’s commute is notoriously annoying. All that is to say, we’re thrilled to finally automate this task for admins.

Updated maps (see all the details!)

Need to review your driver’s routes? MileIQ for Teams Standard and Pro admins can look at route info and detailed views of reported drives in the MileIQ dashboard.

Mileage reports that are always on time

MileIQ for Teams Pro drivers can now choose how often they send an automatic mileage report — be that daily, weekly, or monthly. But best of all, of course, is that our drivers don’t need to worry about late mileage reports.

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Automatic, accurate mileage reports.

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