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3 customer loyalty programs for small business

Manasa Reddigari

Updated: October 17, 2018

Customer loyalty programs drive sales and build brand loyalty. Let's go over customer loyalty programs for small businesses.

What is a small business customer loyalty program?

A customer loyalty program is an incentive system offered to reward frequent customers. Usually, it rewards customers with coupons or points in exchange for making purchases. Customers can redeem points for merchandise or other rewards. The goal is to have loyal customers repeatedly visiting a business.

You might be a member of one or more customer loyalty programs. Many large businesses like department stores and airlines offer them. But, small businesses have plenty of options.

Why do you need a customer loyalty program for your small business?

A customer loyal program can help you attract and retain customers.

When existing customers are rewarded, they'll want to return and buy more, more often. Over time, these return visits result in increased sales and brand loyalty. Customer loyalty programs are equally effective as a marketing tool. How? Existing happy customers will refer your business. This will help you reach wider markets and scale up your customer base.

Ultimately, the programs make customers feel valued. And valued customers are more likely to become repeat customers who can help drive sales for years to come.

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What are some options for small business customer loyalty programs?

#1 Belly

Belly is a digital customer loyalty program and marketing solution that does away with rewards punch cards. The program lets customers sign in and earn rewards points up via a tablet at your place of business. Customers can easily track points via a downloadable mobile app.

The program allows you to create email campaigns and integrate social media. Lite, full and elite plans are available.

Cost: Lite: $159/month, Full: $229/month, Elite: Contact for pricing

#2 Spring Rewards

Spring Rewards allows your customers to earn rewards through their existing credit or debit cards instead of a store card. Customers simply connect the cards to your business in-store or online and then swipe the card at the store.

The system tracks customer spending and issues relevant incentives. Redeemably rewards instantly appear on your customers' phones. Since the program can be hosted on technology already at your business, there's no need for additional equipment.

Cost: Contact for pricing

#3 Fivestars

Like Belly, Fivestars lets customers sign up via tablet and check-in via their mobile phone number. Delivery of rewards messages goes directly to that phone number.

The advantage of the program is that it can target certain segments of your loyalty base. For example, it can target customers with birthdays on any given day or those haven't visited recently and send a message to entice them to visit. The program offers Starter, Growth and Pro Plans.

Cost: Contact for pricing

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