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Case Study for Mileage Reimbursements: The Edge

Marin Perez

The Edge Fitness Clubs was growing like crazy. People all across Connecticut and nearby states were drawn to its skillful and personalized approach to fitness. But, that rapid expansion meant some of its business processes weren't in tip-top shape. Amidst the booming growth, it became easy to lose track of where some employees were located and for what business purpose.  

How Mileage Reimbursements Promote Accountability

This lack of accountability really manifested itself when it came time to provide mileage reimbursements.    Terri Smith, Project Manager at The Edge Fitness Clubs, previously built an internal web ticketing system to help the company grow more efficiently. She knew there was a software solution to their mileage-tracking problem. For Terri and other decision makers at her company, a mileage-tracking solution just wasn't about mileage, it was about systematic accountability.    

Her requirements for a mileage-tracking solution were:  

  • Accountability: The solution must accurately track the mobile workforce to ensure people are where they say there are and that employees get reimbursed their proper amount.
  • Robust Reporting: Terri required flexible reporting that could stand up to its financial audits.
  • Easy to Use: Terri wanted something with a smooth implementation process. Any solution had to be simple enough to ensure employees would consistently use it

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Enter MileIQ for Teams

The mobile workers at The Edge Fitness Clubs had previously used a template spreadsheet which calculates an individual's mileage reimbursement based on the distance they inputted. Terri knew the company could benefit from a more accountable system that's based on employee location.    

"I'm a very methodical and process-oriented person, so I wanted something finance, HR and our employees could standardize around," Terri said. "At the same time, it had to be as simple as possible for employees using it."    

A colleague suggested MileIQ for Teams after using the consumer app to track his personal mileage. After vetting MileIQ for Teams, Terri procured licenses for her employees who routinely go into the field. The Edge Fitness Clubs employees really appreciated how they could quickly implement MileIQ for Teams with little hassle.    

"It's super easy to set up," Terri said. "I loved how I could send a simple link to each department head and they can be off and running in minutes."  

How Mileage Tracking Led To Better Accountability

Using MileIQ for Teams for more than a year has led to a higher level of accountability for The Edge Fitness Clubs. In fact, it has changed its corporate policy to say employees will not receive a mileage reimbursement unless it has a MileIQ report. This is "non-negotiable," said Terri.    

The finance department now has accurate and dependable mileage tracking and documentation that satisfies any financial audits. Employees love how it automatically tracks mileage for them, so they don't have to waste valuable time entering trip information in a spreadsheet.    

Terri is convinced MileIQ for Teams is an instrumental tool for growing the company.    

"We must have clear and fair processes for mileage so we can expand into different states and open more and more locations," said Terri.  

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