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The Fastest Way to Give Yourself a Raise in 2024: Accurate Mileage Tracking

MileIQ Team

What if we told you that you could give yourself a raise just by accurately tracking your business-related drives this year? 

It’s money for the taking, yet those using their car for business often overlook claiming miles they drive for business as a tax deduction or a reimbursement when offered by their employer.  

It’s no wonder money gets left on the table. The thought of logging each mile, with all the paperwork and remembering every work-related trip for an entire year, can be overwhelming. The details create a high cost to entry that disincentivizes the self-employed, realtors, outside sales, medical staff, and other professionals who drive for work from claiming these benefits.

How does it work?

To claim deductions from the IRS, you must use your vehicle for business purposes and report the miles driven during the calendar year. A driving log is one option – but that can get lost. You may make a mental note to record your latest trip in that spreadsheet, but then get distracted.

A digital solution that’s always with you, via your phone, is the best way not to let these dollars slip away. MileIQ users track their miles with ease. Our data shows that drivers are putting in some serious mileage: our users drove an average of over 950 miles every month, or over 11,400 miles yearly. With the 2024 IRS mileage reimbursement rates at 67 cents per mile for business-related driving, the savings can add up.

Our users see an average business value of more than $600 per month from using MileIQ. This either comes in the form of being able to deduct over $600 from their taxes, ultimately leading to more money back, or in the form of employer mileage reimbursement. Over the course of a year, this can add up to significant savings for drivers.

Not just for the self-employed

No matter if you are self-employed or employed by a business, MileIQ works the same: launch the app, enable automatic drive detection and location access, and it will record all of your drives. When you are ready to classify your drives, go into the app when it is convenient for you and organize your drives as business or personal, with additional categorizations available under personal drives for medical, charity, or moving mileage.

Taking advantage of employer reimbursement

Using MileIQ benefits not only you but also your employer as well. Instead of handing over inaccurate spreadsheets or handwritten notes, once your drives are classified, MileIQ can send your employer a mileage report with a detailed summary of each drive, satisfying your employer's reporting requirements. 

These reports make it effortless to have your employer reimburse you, with details about the time of day and locations visited automatically recorded.

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Automatic, accurate mileage reports.

A solution for busy drivers

MileIQ users drive a lot during the five-day workweek, individually averaging 50 miles daily. The average drive is 13 miles, which translates to a lot of in and out of the car and the opportunity to forget to record your miles. 

Not only is it easier to remember, but it’s faster to record mileage tracking digitally. Our users save over 90 minutes weekly by seeing their miles automatically tracked instead of needing to record them manually. Over the course of a year, MileIQ users get more than 75 hours back due to not having to manually log miles, allowing for the increased business sales, spending time with family and friends, or using the extra hours however they see fit. 

Driving hours for work makes for busy schedules, and there’s often too much friction in tracking mileage. When the details get lost, so does the potential payback through employer reimbursements or tax deductions. Mile IQ remembers that quick drive you took last week to grab coffee with your client or the drive you went on to grab supplies for an upcoming project. Users start logging miles and saving money the moment they download, set up the app, and drive. When tracking drives with MileIQ, users are outfitted with detailed maps, setting custom mileage rates, and the ability to send and download driving reports with a single tap. 

MileIQ is built for busy professionals who often leave money on the table at tax time. It’s not too late to reverse course.

Download MileIQ to start tracking your drives

Automatic, accurate mileage reports.

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