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MileIQ for Business: Meet MileIQ for Teams

Marin Perez

Keeping track of employee mileage was a major problem for Sacha Ow, a payroll manager for Epic Wines & Spirits. With more than 100 employees in the field, it was a recurring pain to track, verify and create proper mileage reports for reimbursements. That’s why Sacha chose MileIQ for Teams to handle mileage tracking for her business.

Mileage tracking and reimbursements used to be a painful process before MileIQ for Teams,” said Sacha. “Now, it’s as simple as tapping a few buttons.”

MileIQ for Teams is a simple and powerful mileage tracking tool that employees love and businesses trust. It frees up your team to focus on growing the business instead of manually tracking miles while also providing the security and verification companies require.

Your employees will love how simple it is to track their work mileage. They download the app, sign in with their corporate domain and it will automatically track and log their miles in the background. That means no remembering to start and stop the app for work drives and absolutely no recreating paper mileage logs because a reimbursement deadline is coming up.

How MileIQ for Teams Works For Your Business

MileIQ for Teams is built to satisfy your business needs. You get volume pricing that gets better as you grow larger. Automated license management makes setup and switching accounts a breeze. You also get straightforward pricing and a single bill that covers all your employees.

Download MileIQ to start tracking your drives

Automatic, accurate mileage reports.

If you ever have questions or concerns, MileIQ for Teams also comes with Premier Support. This includes training and troubleshooting to make sure hit the ground.

MileIQ for Teams is built on proven technology that has already logged more than 10 billion miles, so companies can rest assured their employee drive data is accurate and complete. That data is also protected by financial-grade security and a commitment to privacy.

MileIQ for Teams empowers Sacha to automate a tedious—yet important—part of running a company. Instead of worrying about miles, Sacha can focus on growing the business.

How would you improve your company if you didn’t have to worry about mileage?

Download MileIQ to start tracking your drives

Automatic, accurate mileage reports.

Still tracking miles by hand?

Use MileIQ to automatically keep a full, IRS friendly mileage log.
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