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Mileage Tracking for Construction

Linzi Martin

Construction professionals are at the heart of every community. From revamping old spaces to building something new from scratch, the role of a construction worker is both versatile and intrical to daily life. Beyond basic schooling, there is no further education required. In fact, most workers are self-employed. They usually learn on the jobsite and accrue a number of trade skills throughout their career.

Whether you choose to work for a big company or receive licensing on your own, there are many ways to increase your tax return each year. While certain factors may apply, mileage tracking is one of the easiest means to maximize your tax deduction in 2022. With MileIQ’s help, you’ll discover time-saving practices that won’t interfere with your day-to-day work demands.

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Can construction workers deduct mileage?

Construction workers are eligible to deduct mileage, but IRS regulations dictate which business miles apply. The simplest way of deducting mileage for construction is by tracking all drives between job sites. A typical day might call for several visits to a project, meetings with clients, and trips to the hardware store. Luckily, all these drives are tax deductible, as long as you keep an organized log of each trip.

It’s important to note that construction professionals can only deduct mileage if they use their personal vehicle for work. Many workers own two cars for business, which can actually work to your benefit for mileage tracking. If you own a work truck and a conventional car that are both used for your 9 to 5 job, make sure to deduct the insurance costs and mileage driven on each vehicle. It's likely you'll earn a major deduction as a result.

How do I keep track of miles driven for work?

There is no better strategy of tracking mileage for business than signing up for a mileage tracking application. With MileIQ, professionals in the construction field, including architects, contractors, engineers, and surveyors, can all keep track of miles driven for work. This means, it doesn’t matter which hard hat you wear, most project-based workers fall under the 1099 tax category.

With advanced automatic mileage tracking, the app seamlessly runs in the background of your phone without disrupting business calls or other operations on your mobile device. Once you’ve completed a business trip, the app will save your drive and keep a monthly report of all business miles travelled. Nowadays, there is nothing as accurate or effortless as MileIQ’s tracking technology for construction.

What can a contractor claim as expenses?

Since the majority of construction professionals are classified independent contractors, it’s important to know what tax deductions can benefit you. For starters, not every employer will supply hirees with standard tools and equipment. This includes hand tools, such as hammers and screwdrivers, work belts, and important power devices. Without investing in these tools, a construction worker could not fulfill a job task efficiently. Therefore, make sure to count these items as part of your year-end tax deduction.

How do I keep track of mileage and expenses?

You might ask yourself, “Do I need a mileage log for business only?”, the answer is no. While business expenses are crucial to your tax return, it’s a good idea to keep records of all yearly expenses. This includes personal drives, charity events or donations, and any medical expenses that are IRS-approved. By using an advanced mileage tracker, you can easily categorize all your drives and not have to stress about inaccurate logging. That way, by the time tax season comes about, you can sit down with a tax pro and show a error-free record of all incurred expenses.

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