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Introducing Work Shifts: An Easier Way to Classify Drives

Marin Perez

The people at MileIQ are always trying to make it easier for you to handle mundane, administrative tasks. That's why we're happy to introduce Works Shifts: it makes classifying drives much easier and it fits into the way you do your job.  

Work Shifts & Work Hours

You may already know about MileIQ's Work Hours feature. This lets you set working hours and only the drives within that set period will be in the app to classify. This allows you to add in-depth details on these business drives, as needed. All drives outside of the set Work Hours will automatically be classified as personal for you.    

Work Shifts takes this to the next level. You can now set multiple shifts for a single day, as well as set a shift that spans multiple days.    

This is ideal for people who work a consistent schedule. For example, if you consistently drive for a ridesharing service during the daily commute hours, set Work Hours and Work Shifts for those times and you're covered.    

Work Shifts also makes catching and classifying drives easier for those of you who routinely work the third shift. You can set "graveyard" shifts in the app and only those trips will be waiting for you to classify.  

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How To Use Work Hours & Work Shifts

Setting up Work Hours and Work Shifts takes less than a minute. You can enable it directly from the mobile app or through the web dashboard. You can use it on Android and iPhone.    This video walks through how to set up Work Hours and Work Shifts through the app and through the web dashboard.    

MileIQ: Only Getting Better And Better

Work Hours and Work Shifts are just the latest improvements we've made to automate the tedious, yet important business tasks in your life. You can expect many more of these over the coming weeks, months and years.    

Focus on your business. Let us take care of your mileage.

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