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6 ways to make your LinkedIn company page stand out

Dayna Steele
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As business gears back up, search activity is doing the same on LinkedIn as companies look at personal profiles and company pages for hiring, contract work, leads, and more. Don’t wait – this would be a great time to get to work updating and refining your online information.  

Viveka von Rosen, Chief Visibility Officer & Co-founder at Vengreso and LinkedIn author, has six great tips on what companies should be doing right now to update your company presence on LinkedIn.

ONE: Create a new banner

Create a banner that speaks to your audience’s points of pain or needs right now! Especially if they have been adversely affected by Covid-19.  Use your banner to let them know you can help solve any issues your clients have due to furloughs, decreased budgets, remote working, Illness, fear, etc.  You can get the dimensions at  Check out what it might look like at

TWO: Create relevant content

Create relevant content on your LinkedIn company page every day.  Stop the heavy-duty sales pitches and job postings.  Find content that is useful to your audience, either your own or curate relevant content from partners or clients. Use the description or “what do you want to talk about” section to describe the asset you are sharing, why they should read it, and what they’ll get out of it.  And, if you are sharing a partner or client’s post, make sure to @Mention the person or company in the post.  

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THREE: Employee advocacy

If you have employees, share the link to the post with them (in an email, or through your employee advocacy tools or a project management tool like Asana, Slack or Teams).  Then they can share it with their networks, which will significantly increase the views on your posts and may get you new followers as well. You will have to be an ADMIN to post the content, but employees don’t need to be an admin to share it.

FOUR: Curate content from your team

Have your remote working and/or front line send you videos or content from their experiences.  Clean up and curate this content on your company feed.  @Mention them.  Let people see your employee culture and how you are dealing with these challenging times. The occasional personal touch goes a long way towards making your brand memorable.  

FIVE: Create a unique #hashtag

Create a unique #hashtag that you can use in your posts and that your employees can use in their posts. This hashtag increases the visibility of the posts and will help you find that content in the feed later if you want to reshare it. You get bonus points for making it a relevant COVID19 #hashtag like #VengresoCares.

SIX: Invite new followers

LinkedIn has a new “Invite Connections” feature under the Admin Tools link.  Use the new LinkedIn invite button to invite 25 connections a day, and up to 100 a month, to your company page – but only do this after completing the previous five tips.  

Once you get these six things done, commit to updating your page and keep this momentum going! And come back next week. Viveka is going to help us spruce up our personal professional profiles next.

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