Automatic mileage tracking that works

Accurate mileage reports. Stress-free logging. On your desktop. In the palm of your hand.
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Automatic mileage tracking that works

Meet the world’s leading mileage tracker

Meet the world’s leading mileage tracker


Frequent Drives


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Accurate mileage reports. Stress-free logging. On your desktop. In the palm of your hand.
As a tax professional, I recommend this app often to new and seasoned business owners regularly. The IRS requires logs for mileage and this solves the tedious task of noting things in pen and paper format. Automatic reports sent at the end of the month.
* $5.99 billed monthly

Why is MileIQ the mileage tracking solution for your company?

MileIQ is the original business mileage tracking app. We’ve been saving drivers time and money for years! Just imagine what MileIQ can do for your company’s mileage tracking bottom line.

For example, a team of 5 people who drive 3 times per day can save 360 hours per year - that’s $7,592!

MileIQ is a business mileage tracking app

MileIQ is a mobile app runs in the background on your employees' phones to track business drives.

MileIQ allows you to create a Team of drivers, manage their subscriptions, and view their mileage reports in one place.

Knowing your Team's mileage is being accurately tracked and reported saves you valuable time - and labor hours.
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Why You Need a Mileage App to Track Business Drives

Your salespeople have a job to do - and it doesn’t involve endless, unnecessary paperwork. MileIQ is the best app to track business mileage, automatically and accurately, saving your drivers hours of potential selling time.
89 billion miles logged
70 hours saved per driver per year

The Best Mileage Tracking App for Business

Switching from manually-reported mileage to automatic, GPS-verified mileage improves efficiency and productivity. Your employees need a mileage app for business drives so you can ensure accurate reimbursements. Employees save time, and you save money. Everybody wins.
Premium support

Ever-expanding list of amazing features

Add/remove drivers

Easily manage the memberships for your Team of drivers.

Streamlined billing

One secure place for payment.

Consolidated reports

See your drivers’ miles in one place.
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Reporting dashboard

Review your drivers' driving data and download a PDF or CSV report.

Easily submit reports

Drivers can submit reports directly from the app.

Multiple admins

Allow for coordination between multiple departments.

Custom reimbursement rates

Set a company-wide mileage reimbursement rate that is different from your country’s default rate.

Personalized support

Work with a dedicated support specialist to get started, and request a call anytime.

Team Locations

Make reports easier to read by naming locations your team visits often.