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If you or your team drive for work, you know that tracking mileage involves a gazillion small admin tasks that inevitably eat into your time. 

It’s not as simple as tracking a drive. You need to note all the details, verify the drive was indeed for work, and then make sure all the key players, from manager to accountant, have the right mileage records. 

Here at MileIQ, we worked hard to create a comprehensive toolkit for every leg of the journey — so tracking mileage becomes as simple as possible.

Save time by automatically classifying drives

Keeping personal drives out of mileage logs is a) important, and b) usually tricky when done by hand. Accidentally adding a personal drive to a mileage report can lead to underreported income and problems with your tax return, but classifying drives (even when it’s a simple swipe like in MileIQ) takes time. 

That’s why our Work Hours feature lets you set your schedule in the app and choose to automatically classify all drives taken during work time as Business. You can also choose to auto-classify drives outside Work Hours as Personal — and make changes as needed!

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Automatic, accurate mileage reports.

Easy report sharing 

Need to share a mileage report with a supervisor, accountant, or client? You can add Contacts in the MileIQ app and web dashboard to send a report right away. No endless back-and-forth, forgetting an email attachment, or having to dust off (or find) a printer. Just type in a name and email and send a report with a tap.

Easy report sharing with mileiq app

No deciphering addresses

All MileIQ mileage reports now show full addresses. Period. We know our MileIQ for Teams admins are too busy to guess where their driver was headed. So we added the full address (zip code and everything!) to reports making a location recognizable right away.

No deciphering addresses with mileiq app

One-click approvals

Approving mileage at the end of the month shouldn’t be a chore. So we created an approval process that lets our MileIQ for Teams admins view all of their team’s submitted drives in one place and approve or reject a drive with a click. 

There’s no need to go through 20 different reports for every driver — and you can also bulk-approve a bunch of drives at once to save even more time (because life is too short for another messy spreadsheet!).

One-click approvals with mileiq app

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Automatic, accurate mileage reports.

Still tracking miles by hand?

Use MileIQ to automatically keep a full, IRS friendly mileage log.
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