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Best Accounting Apps for Small Business Owners

Manasa Reddigari

You don't need to be a CPA to keep the books for your small business. Today, myriad accounting apps are available for download to help maintain your accounts payable and accounts receivable systems.  Keep reading for a list of the best accounting apps for small business owners you can download today.


Why wait until your memory of a past gig is fuzzy to send out an invoice? The Xero mobile app (Android, iOS) lets you send invoices, record expenses, capture receipts and reconcile bank transactions in real time, even if you haven't left the job site. You can also grant your employees the privileges they need to send invoices and claim expenses while keeping other business financial data private.


Can't afford a staff bookkeeper? You can count on the QuickBooks Accounting app (Android, iOS) to handle everyday bookkeeping tasks with accuracy. The user-friendly interface allows you to create, send and track invoices, input expenses through photo capture of receipts and add or recognize bank transactions. You can even view your income and expenses month-by-month through a convenient color-coded digital Profit & Loss statement.


Toronto-based Freshbooks has become a household name in the U.S for its streamlined FreshBooks Cloud Accounting app (Android, iOS). One of the best accounting apps for small business owners, FreshBooks lets you create, edit or send professional-looking invoices, capture and categorize expenses and log project hours on-the-go. The online payment mechanism built-in to the app means you'll never experience a late payment again.


There's no need to manage the books and manage individual projects separately when you download this expense and time tracker in one. The Harvest app (Android, iOS) lets you create timesheets and track time so you can better utilize it. When you're finished with a project, snap photos of receipts to record expenses and then send and track invoices with a few taps. Viewing your team's time-tracking notes will help you stay in sync with your staff members and deliver every project on time.

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Zoho Books

Still slaving away in graphic design software to draft the perfect design for your business invoices? Save time and outsource the task to the Zoho Books app (Android, iOS). The app offers 16 stylish and professional invoice templates to choose from. Once you've selected the best from the bunch, you can easily fill out and send off those invoices and manage ongoing bank transactions.

Wave Accounting

Wave offers two companion accounting apps: Invoice by Wave (Android, iOS) and Receipts by Wave (Android, iOS). The former lets you send and edit invoices, send invoice reminders and record payments. The latter lets you capture receipts via your phone's camera and view them in a digitized format. Don't fret if your phone loses connectivity; you can manage your business expenses offline.


If you need an all-in-one business solution that integrates accounting, customer relationship management and finance, there are few better options than Sthe age app (Android, iOS). The multipurpose mobile app lets you record invoices and expenses, enter transactions and view real-time scorecards of business financials. You can even connect your CRM with your general ledger. The app also offers plenty of notifications and alerts to help keep track of your actions within the app.


When it comes to streamlining manual accounting tasks, oneUp one-ups the competition. The OneUp app (Android, iOS) automates manual bank transaction entry and cash flow management by synchronizing with your bank account. It also lets you create and send invoices, view leads through a simplified CRM, monitor and purchase inventory and generate tax reports. The app also seamlessly integrates with Google apps, Paypal and more.

Rydoo Expense

Business expenses are a pain, not only because they reduce your profits but also because you have to accurately capture them to later deduct them at tax time. The Rydoo Expense app (Android, iOS) is one of the best accounting apps for small business owners who struggle with tracking expenses. To log an expense, fire up the app and snap a photo of an expense receipt. The app will read out the expenses so that you can approve or reject them, analyze them in detail and submit them on-the-go.


Small business owners know that before you ever send an invoice you have to make a sale. That's where the Sellsy sales management and bookkeeping app (Android, iOS) comes in handy. Sells lets you follow-up on leads, create sales quotes and customer records and sends documents to customers. After sales fulfillment, you can continue to use the app to create, send and search for invoices and access your data offline.

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