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Better, Faster, Smarter: MileIQ’s New Commute Tool Makes for Hassle-Free Compliance

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New Commute Tool | MileIQ

Many companies struggle to accurately manage mileage reimbursements when it comes to commutes. Manually subtracting commute mileage can result in one of two problematic outcomes: under-compensation or over-compensation of employees. While the former means employees are not receiving the reimbursements they deserve, the latter puts them — and the company — at risk of underreporting taxable income, and therefore potential penalties. Luckily, there’s an automatic tool that helps eliminate that risk.

Accounting and Compliance Teams Need a Reliable, Low-Touch Solution

Three out of ten companies we spoke with have their finance teams individually review employees' commutes to reimburse them correctly. That means busy admins must manually go through each employee’s home address details, calculate employee-specific commutes, and subtract that mileage from the total number of miles driven. It’s a process that takes time away from other important business tasks.

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Automating Mileage Reimbursement: What If?

Our research shows most companies like to set one team-wide commute distance and apply it to all employees' drives. What if this process could be automated, saving time and hassle for everyone?

That’s where MileIQ’s latest feature, Commute Mileage, comes in.

Simplifying the Web Dashboard Experience

With this feature, admins can set a team-wide commute distance and MileIQ will automatically subtract it from drives labeled as “Business + Commute.”  If you’re a MileIQ for Teams Pro admin, head to Settings in your dashboard and select Commute Mileage. From there, set the toggle to on and add your commute distance.

Once drivers submit drives labeled as “Business + Commute” to their admin, the app automatically subtracts the commute distance and displays the adjusted total on the admin dashboard.

Giving Time Back to Drivers and Admins

Commute Mileage saves time and reduces errors. Admins no longer need to deduct commute mileage manually — we do it for them. This not only makes reimbursements easier, but also keeps everyone compliant with tax regulations.

At MileIQ, we are committed to simplifying mileage tracking. Our goal is to free up time for both admins and drivers so they can focus on delivering their best work.

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Automatic, accurate mileage reports.

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