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Can a smartphone read my text? Yes – and it’s amazing!

MileIQ Team
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Smartphones have changed the world forever. Rarely does a new product or technology come along that has such a profound impact on society. Even if you are not reading this on your phone, it’s a safe bet that your phone is somewhere within arm’s reach.  

One of the few drawbacks associated with mobile technology is the need to view the screen to consume information. When driving, looking at your screen is dangerous and should be avoided. Even when not on the road, the need to read long pieces of text can limit productivity and distract you from other tasks.  

An easy answer

Fortunately, there is a solution. A variety of read my text apps is now available for your smartphone. These apps make it possible to have text-based information read aloud while you continue with your busy schedule. If you have not yet been using this capability to your advantage, doing so can streamline your day.  

Why use a read my text app?

It seems simple enough to glance down at your phone, read a message, and move on. And, in many situations, that will work just fine. But not always. Below are a few of the many benefits to using a read my text app.  

  • Safety first. Obviously, looking at your phone while driving is a dangerous and illegal activity. A read my text feature will help you stay up to date while watching the road.  
  • When you’re multitasking, and your eyes and hands are busy with other things. With headphones on and your phone in your pocket, however, you can listen with ease.  
  • Keep working. When work is flowing nicely at your desk, you don’t want to break that rhythm. However, you might need to concurrently keep up with activity on your phone. Read my text apps help you stay on task without being disconnected.

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Options for reading text messages aloud

To read aloud text messages, you can download an app for your iOS or Android phone. There are plenty of options available, both in free and paid form. Each app has its collection of features, so consider a few options to find one right for your needs. Some popular choices include:

  • Text’nDrive – iOS
  • – Android, iOS
  • ReadItToMe – Android

Don’t forget about emails

You should have no trouble picking out an app to read your texts aloud. But what about emails? For a busy professional, email is often a bigger concern than text messages. Texts are great for communicating quickly, but email is your personal organizer and used for memorializing critical communications, sharing documents, photos and more. To listen to your emails, there is the Play My Emails feature in Outlook mobile.  

This feature uses AI to go through your inbox in a helpful manner. You’ll get a readout of new messages and updates to your calendar. And you can dictate quick responses too, which gives you time back. So by the time you arrive at the office, you’ll be up to speed and ready to start the day.

Take some time to adapt

Old habits die hard. At first, you might carry on looking at your phone whenever possible. After all, that is how you are used to receiving your messages. It’s easy to stick with what you know, but you’d be missing out on an excellent opportunity to grow.  

Don’t give up on these technologies before you have a chance to adjust. Once you get used to how they work, you’ll quickly see the benefits. In addition to saving time, you may remember messages better after hearing them aloud. Pretty soon, read my text functions will be a regular part of your busy day.  

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