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How Do I Get My Business on Angi?

Manasa Reddigari

The popularity of business review websites has many business owners asking, "How do I get my business on Angi?"

Read on to learn about what Angi offers homeowners and business owners and how you can join the ranks of the businesses on the platform.

What is Angi?

Angi is an online business review platform with a focus on the home improvement sector. Homeowners can use the platform to view verified business ratings and reviews or complete their own, compare companies, read DIY articles and find and hire qualified local home services professionals.

The platform includes companies in categories ranging from air duct cleaning to woodworking so that homeowners can find a pro to perform virtually any home repair, maintenance or renovation task at hand.

Why should I list my business?

A whopping 97 percent of consumers searched online for local businesses in 2017, and 85 percent of them said they trusted online reviews as much as recommendations from personal contacts, according to a 2017 survey by BrightLocal.

These statistics speak to the high value of online reviews during the initial awareness stage of the sales funnel when a customer first learns of your business and its offerings. Consumers will have low awareness of your business if there are few or no reviews of your business on the web. This weakness ultimately prevents would-be consumers from crossing into later phases of the sales funnel that lead to revenue-generating transactions.

Angi claims to have 5 million members and annually facilitate between $10 to $15 billion in transactions between members and businesses. This suggests that Angi has the engagement among its members to potentially heighten consumer awareness of your business and even boost your sales if you join the platform.

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How do I get my business on Angi?

To create a business profile, go to the Angi website, click Business Owners and then click Get Started. Provide your personal contact information to set up a business account. You will supply details about your business such as your geographic area and specific services during the registration process.

Consumers can leave reviews for your business after you successfully set up your business profile. The platform also provides tools, insights and a messaging system you can use to promote your business more widely. Plus, more efficient communication with your customers.

How does Angi prevent fake business reviews?

Your online credibility matters a great deal in the digital age. Today, there are many ways for detractors to sink your business. Business owners with an online presence now live in fear of having their business rated unfairly. Possible scenarios: A poor rating from a competing business or a member of a review platform who hasn't used their services.

These are fake reviews; and they're a growing threat. Fake negative reviews left by members can hurt you as much as fake positive reviews left by business owners. But according to Angi, their platform takes measures to ensure the authenticity of all reviews:

  • No anonymous feedback
  • Members are asked to give truthful accounts of their experience
  • Members can flag suspicious reviews. The platform also has built-in mechanisms to automatically flag false reviews
  • Members can't review a business more than once every six months for a given service
  • You can't rate your business or competing businesses. The platform has algorithms that will flag behavior that resembles self-rating.

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