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MileIQ App Review: Mileage Tracking App for Taxes

Marin Perez

MileIQ is a mileage-tracking app that's ideal for those who want a mileage log for taxes or reimbursements. It's available for iOS and Android. There's also a web dashboard for editing and sorting drives from a computer.    

Let's look at a few reviews of the business mileage-tracking app MileIQ.    

Does MileIQ get good reviews?

Yes, MileIQ averages 4.5 stars on the Google Play Store and 4.6 stars on the Apple App Store. That covers nearly 50,000 reviews.    

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What do MileIQ users say about the app?

"It works flawlessly and completely automatic in the background of your mobile device. It has logged every single drive I have made since I started using it," said 4cinema in an App Store review.    

Many reviewers mention the automatic mileage tracking in the background. You don't have to remember to track mileage, just drive as you normally would and it creates a mileage log for you.    

"... This app is putting a lot of money into my pocket that I was unaware of and I thank you for that," said Kathy Fisher, on the Google Play Store.    

Many users expressed similar sentiments. Many people failed to track all their deductible business mileage because manually tracking is easy to forget. An app like MileIQ helps people get the most out of their miles.  

How does MileIQ work?

The MileIQ mileage tracker app uses a Wi-Fi, GPS and mobile data to track your drives in the background. The automatic tracking means you never have to press start or stop to track a drive.    

You can classify your drives as business or personal with a single swipe. The app also lets you add extra details like the client's name. You can also record information like parking fees. With just a few taps, you can send your accountant or yourself a detailed report of your mileage.  

Does MileIQ use a lot of data?

No, a typical MileIQ customer uses 1.5-2.5MB of data a month. Your data usage will vary depending on where you drive. It may also depend on how often you interact with the app.    

You can check how much data MileIQ is using on your device by following these instructions.  

Is MileIQ good for organizations?

Yes, MileIQ for Teams is ideal for businesses that want to track mileage for reimbursement. It provides easy billing, an accurate mileage log and the security and privacy businesses demand.    

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Automatic, accurate mileage reports.

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