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5 fall marketing ideas to boost business

Manasa Reddigari

Fall is such a wonderful time. The weather gets a bit crisper, the leaves can change, and it can represent a time of abundance. That can be for both businesses and customers. Here are 5 fall marketing campaigns that will boost your small business.

Fall marketing idea #1: Flash sales

If you're a member of any e-commerce business mailing list, you have likely read or acted on a flash sale. These sales promote a limited-time discount that entices customers to buy while supplies last. The reason for the increasing trend of flash sales is clear.  Research from Experian shows that flash sales spur on more transactions. Fall is an excellent time to introduce holiday flash sales through daily deals or a limited-time sale on overstocked items. You can set up a flash sale through an e-mail subscriber list, social media campaign or bulletins near your business. Then, watch as new and old customers flock to your business.

Fall marketing idea #2: Themed newsletters

Newsletters are commonly used to communicate business events and industry happenings. This can be with the intent of boosting sales or sharing information. The ultimate goal of the newsletter is to engage the audience. What better way to achieve this than through holiday-themed newsletters?  Develop lively, relevant newsletter content that furthers a concrete sales or communications goal. Set the text on a bright background with colorful graphics and readable fonts to make your newsletter a crowd-pleaser. For maximum exposure, distribute a newsletter by email or host it on your business website.

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Fall marketing idea #3: Social media contests

Social media contests allow businesses to attract customers and boost their social media following. With the holidays around the corner, the idea of giving back is bound to resonate with customers.  The season makes fall an ideal time to set up a Halloween costume photo contest or a random drawing from social media followers or customers who have paid for your product or service. Winners can receive your products, experiences or even cash. Setting up a social media contest can be as simple as adding a poll or entry form to your social media pages.

Fall marketing idea #4: Seasonal menu items

Seasonal menu items are a great way for food service businesses to capitalize on customer sentiment at a special time of year. One of the most successful examples of seasonal menu items is Starbucks' Pumpkin Spice Latte. This seasonal drink has evolved into a beloved tradition that loyal customers have come to expect each year.  In implementing your seasonal menu addition, consider which foods might complement your menu. Then, add a tempting new annual addition. If it is received well, you can even make it a regular menu item.

Fall marketing idea #5: Customized holidays

Fall marketing ideas don't have to align with Halloween, Thanksgiving or established holidays. You can quickly devise a brand-specific holiday and then tailor your marketing strategy to that holiday. For example, if you run a beachwear business, you might implement a marketing strategy on the theme of "Flip Flop Friday." Removing the limits of conventional calendar dates lets you create a marketing strategy better suited for your audience.

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