IRS Mileage Rates for Business, Charity, Medical

Marin Perez

The IRS Mileage Rates are important if you use a personal car for business, charity or medical reasons. We've compiled the federal mileage rates for the last few years.    

IRS Mileage Rates for Business

The IRS sets the standard mileage rate as a way to compensate taxpayers for the cost of using their vehicles. It hasn't put the exact formula out but we know these rates include gas prices, oil costs, depreciation and wear and tear. The IRS typically leaves a single rate for the entire year. But, as you can see, it changed in 2011 due to volatile gas prices.

IRS Mileage Rates for Medical

Medical mileage plays into your medical expense deduction. You can deduct transportation costs for yourself, a spouse or a dependent. The transportation costs must be primarily for and essential to medical care.  

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IRS Mileage Rates for Charity

The mileage rate of 14 cents per mile for charitable purposes hasn't changed in a long time.  

How to Use IRS Mileage Rates for your Deductions

Using the standard mileage rate means calculating your deduction is quite simple. You multiply the amount of miles by the applicable rate to come up with your deduction.  

  • Drive 20,000 business miles in 2016, your mileage deduction would be $10,800 (20,000 x .54 = $10,800)  
  • Drive 1,000 miles for medical purposes, your medical mileage deduction would be $190 (1,000 x .19 = $190)    
  • Drive 1,500 miles for charity, your charity mileage deduction would be $210 (1,500 x .14 = $210)  

Of course, the IRS doesn't just take your word for these miles. If you ever face an audit, you'll need an accurate mileage log. If you don't have one, the IRS can negate the deduction and add penalties on top of it.

IRS Mileage Reimbursement Rate

The official IRS mileage reimbursement rate is ... nothing. The IRS doesn't mandate businesses reimburse employees for company mileage. Many companies do this in order to attract and retain talent, though.    Many companies peg the reimbursement rate to the standard mileage rate. If your company pays lower than that, you may be eligible for a partial reimbursement. Of course, you're going to need accurate an mileage log to claim that.    

All data is taken from the IRS.

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