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How to Create a Business Facebook Page

Manasa Reddigari

It's no surprise that over 70 million businesses now use a business Facebook page, according to the company. Maintaining a presence on the popular social media platform can help attract consumers from your target audience and give your business a boost.

Therefore, to extend the benefits of the platform to your own business, read on to learn how to create a business Facebook page.

What is a business Facebook page?

If you're already a member, you know that Facebook is a social media platform that lets you interact online with people in your network through a personal FB page. In particular, a business FB page is a separate profile you create on the platform for your business to interact with current and prospective consumers.

How does a business Facebook page work?

Whereas you want to restrict the visibility of personal Facebook pages to a small audience, your business Facebook page is public because the goal is to maximize the visibility of and traffic to the page. Subsequently, the content of your business Facebook page should strictly relate to your business and not your personal life.

While a personal FB page includes information about you, a business Facebook page provides readers with information about your business. To begin with, its name, location, and contact information. A short "about" statement is also good to include on the page.

To make it intriguing, content you post to your profile feed might be photos, informational posts about the business niche. Additional related content might be about business events, sales, and promotions.

Other Facebook users can interact with the content you post by "liking," commenting on or sharing it. They can also "follow" (e.g., subscribe to) the business Facebook page itself so that the content you post appears in their feeds and gets more views.

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Why does your business need Facebook?

The benefits of a Facebook page are myriad:

  • You can boost your business's visibility. The social media giant has over 1.47 billion active daily users, according to the company. The sheer number of eyeballs on the platform at any given time means that having a business page allows you to get your business seen by the masses. Using the audience insights that Facebook provides, you can expand your reach even more.
  • You can attract and convert more leads. Regularly posting relevant updates on your business FB page will over time turn casual readers into people with interest in your business offerings. Post enticing call-to-actions on the page can help convert these leads into paid customers of your products or services.
  • You can reach your target audience on a personal level. A business FB page affords one-on-one interactions between a user and a business that a user cannot get by visiting your business website alone. If the interactions are positive, your consumers will associate your brand with positive feelings and become loyal brand advocates.
  • You can create one for free. You can create a business Facebook page at no cost. Why turn down free marketing?

What's the process for how to create a business Facebook page?

Learning how to create a FB page for your business is a straightforward process that takes but a few minutes.

Go to the Facebook Business website from your smartphone or computer and click "Create a Page." Then, click "Get Started" beneath the "Business or Brand" category. The platform will ask you to log in (or create an account) and enter vital information about your business such as its name and address.

There are a couple of things you can do to build an identity. One is to upload a profile photo and a cover photo (e.g., a banner image) for the page. Second, add a call-to-action button that can direct users to your business website.

Continue to flesh out the page by adding a brief blurb about your business, specifying a username and filling out the "About" section with your contact information and website URL. Don't forget to specify your service region and operating hours. When you're satisfied with the page, publish it and create your first post.

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