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Can I File Taxes for Free in the US?

Marin Perez
Woman Filing Income Tax Online

While there are many online options to file your taxes for free, don’t forget about a big one: the IRS. That’s right, the IRS will help you file your taxes for free if you meet certain conditions.

Who can file their taxes for free with the IRS?

Taxpayers who earned less than $66,000 and e-file can use the IRS to help them file their taxes for free. Use the IRS Free File website to find ways to file without cost. The IRS says 100 million taxpayers are eligible for Free File.

What’s the IRS Free File?

The IRS Free File provides free software that will help you prepare and file your tax return. If you meet the criteria, you can use this to file your federal tax return and your state return.

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What do I need before filing my taxes?

Before doing your taxes, the IRS recommends you have:

  • Copy of last year’s tax return to have your Adjusted Gross Income
  • Your Social Security number
  • Social Security numbers for your dependents or spouse
  • Income and receipts
  • W2s showing your annual wage
  • Any tax forms showing interest paid, refunds, state credits or dividends
  • Any health insurance files if you’re an ACA file

How to use the IRS Free File

If you’re eligible, you can file your taxes for free by following these steps:

  • Go to the IRS Free File website
  • Use the “Help Me” tool and enter some information about yourself
  • The tool will offer you free solutions for filing your taxes
  • Once you choose a free tool, you’ll be sent to that service provider’s website
  • Input your tax information on the tax service provider of your choosing

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