Small Business Tips

Give back for success

Dayna Steele

As my mother used to say, “If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times …”

The more you do to help someone else be successful, the more successful you will become.

This sage advice applies to clients, customers, teammates, employees and even your competition (sometimes). It also applies to those less fortunate than you and me. Being a company that gives back to others is just good business. And, it’s not only donating to charity and volunteering but also empowering your people to do the same.

Here are some reasons and ways to give back in no particular order:

Attract top talent

Many of the best job recruits in industries across the board consider this to be just as important when deciding to take a job as salary, benefits, and time off.  

Grow your network

When you volunteer as a company team, you meet others and make new connections. You also create a sense of unity among your team members and something they can be proud of participating in as a company.

Be the community

A good reputation goes a long way when a company needs the support of the people who live nearby. It starts with the company being a good and involved neighbor.

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Days off for good

Allow employees to take a day off once a quarter (or more) to volunteer for the charity of their choice, no judgments made. This type of support creates a stronger sense of loyalty to the company.

Donate to charity

Call it karma, call it what you will, but share some of your success. Even better, give your employees the money and let them decide where it goes.

Kevin Tuerff was a passenger on a flight returning home on 9/11 when it was forced to land in Gander, Newfoundland, as US airspace was closed. Kevin spent the next six days among kindness and generosity with new friends. After that experience, Kevin would give his employees a half-day off on 9/11 and give each employee $100 in cash to do something good for others. They would then return to share their stories that day. He is one of the characters now portrayed in the hit musical Come From Away.

Watch Kevin’s TEDx talk – Compassion is the New Life Hack


Your good deeds are meant to help others, but sometimes free publicity comes as a part of the package. Traditional press outlets, online media, and social media influencers like feel-good stories.

Greater success

Consumers are increasingly looking for companies that do good, and they vote for those companies with their dollars.


When you do good for others, it makes you feel good. It makes you happy. It creates a sense of pride for the entire team to know you work for a company that is making a difference. Bottom line? Happy people are more productive.

As Gene Simmons of KISS likes to say, “Leave the world better than you found it. Not the same, and not worse. Better.” And, Gene seems to be doing okay.

Go rock your world!

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