The MileIQ Great 3 Car Giveaway was a massive success. Along with introducing many new people to MileIQ, we were able to give away three great prizes. Let’s meet the winners.

Joshua S. from Simi Valley, California

The Great 3 Car Giveaway winners could choose a 36-month lease for a Chevrolet Equinox or an equivalent cash prize. Joshua will be riding in style, as he chose the Chevrolet Equinox.

“My initial reaction is there is no way this is valid,” said Joshua. “I was skeptical but excited. After doing some research … I felt much more confident that it was legitimate and was extremely surprised that I had just won!”

Why do you love MileIQ?
“I love MileIQ because it makes it very easy to keep track of my miles for business,” said Joshua. “I love the ease of navigating the app and the monthly reporting it provides. I now also love MileIQ because they’ve awarded me a grand prize of a 36-month lease on a brand new car.”

Scott C. from Raleigh, North Caroline

Scott chose the cash prize.

What was your reaction to getting our notification?
“I didn’t think it was real,” Scott said. “I needed to verify it. Once I realized it was real I got kinda excited”.

What do you think you will do with your prize money?
“Put in the bank and pay off bills, said Scott. “Also, I will go see my daughters and fix my car.”

Why do you love MileIQ?
“It’s a really cool app that solves a need for a business owner,” said Scott. “I love the app because it calculates your mileage right on the spot. Really awesome!”

Ivy Chen from Shoreview, Minnesota

We haven’t had a chance to hear back from Ivy yet but we sure hope she enjoys her prize.

Get Up to $2,500 for Referring Friends to MileIQ

Just because the Great 3 Car Giveaway is over doesn’t mean you still can’t get rewarded for sharing MileIQ. Every time you refer a friend to MileIQ and they purchase a Premium Subscription, you get $25 (up to $2,500). Learn more about how referring friends to MileIQ pays off.

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Marin Perez

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